100 tahun penyelidikan dan pembangunan

Pregnancy Tracker Week 34

My Body

My Body in the 34th Week

Sometime in the next few weeks, you may notice that your abdomen is a bit smaller. This phenomenon, known as lightening, occurs when the head of the baby enters the birth canal. You may enjoy the extra room in your upper abdomen, but notice a little more pressure in your pelvis, rectum, and bladder. Keep in mind that for some women, the baby doesn't drop until just before labor or during labor.

My Baby

My Baby in the 34th Week

Your baby now weighs about 2.3 kg and measures 44 cm in length. Although she is nearly out of room in your uterus, she won't stop moving, so you'll notice a change in the way she bumps against you. Her brain is developed enough so that she has the ability to see, hear, learn, and remember.