100 tahun penyelidikan dan pembangunan

Pregnancy Tracker Week 33

My Body

My Body in the 33rd Week

Your growing baby has managed to push your uterus nearly up to your rib cage, and your amniotic fluid levels are peaking right about now. Although most pregnant women have gained between 9.9 and 12.6 kg by now, they can be carrying the fetus in a number of ways—high, low, front sticking way out, front like a wide and flattened ball, etc.

All of these contours are normal; they depend on your baby's size and position as well as your own height and build.

My Baby

My Baby in the 33rd Week

This week your baby will probably weigh about 2 kg, which means he has doubled his weight in just the past 6 weeks. His length is now about 43 cm. Although his organs, skeleton, and body are well formed, he still needs a little more time in your womb.