100 tahun penyelidikan dan pembangunan

Pregnancy Tracker Week 21

My Body

My Body in the 21st Week

You can't hide it any more—even strangers can tell that you are expecting! You may sometimes suffer from swollen fingers, ankles, or feet, as about three-quarters of pregnant women do. You may also notice that your nipples are secreting a thin, yellowish liquid—known as colostrum—as your breasts prepare to make breast milk.

My Baby

My Baby in the 21th Week

Your baby now weighs about 300 g and is halfway to his birth length. As he picks up more fat and becomes plumper, he's starting to resemble a baby doll. His brain is growing quickly, and his digestive system is starting to function at a basic level. With his developing senses, he's more aware of your sleeping and eating habits, as well as light and noise levels in your surroundings.