100 tahun penyelidikan dan pembangunan

Pregnancy Tracker Week 19

My Body

My Body in the 19th Week

At this point, you have probably gained somewhere between 3.6 and 6.3 kg. It's amazing to think that only 200 g of your total gain belongs to baby! How is the rest distributed? The placenta accounts for 170 g and the amniotic fluid for about 320 g.

Your uterus now weighs about 320 g, and each breast has gained about 180 g. The rest of the weight is carried in your increased blood volume and other maternal stores.

My Baby

My Baby in the 19th Week

Although your baby weighs just 200 g now, he'll weigh more than 15 times as much by the time he is born! He's about 20 cm long. If you have an ultrasound now, you can see if he has your nose or his dad's chin. You may also be able to confirm your baby's gender.